(a)   Certification. No contract, agreement, or other obligation, involving the expenditure of money, shall be entered into by any officer of the City, nor shall any ordinance, resolution, or order for the expenditure of money be passed by Council, unless the Director of Finance first certifies that the money required for such contract, agreement, obligation, or expenditure, is in the treasury or in the process of collection and is available for such purpose, as provided by general law.
   (b)   Funds Subject to Certification. All moneys actually in the treasury to the credit of the fund from which they are to be drawn, and all moneys applicable to the payment of the obligation or appropriation involved, that are anticipated to come into the treasury before the maturity of such contract, agreement or obligation, from taxes or assessments, or from sales of service, products or byproducts or from any City undertakings, fees, charges, accounts and bills receivable or other credits in process of collection; and all moneys applicable to the payment of such obligation or appropriation, which are to be paid into the treasury prior to the maturity thereof, arising from the sale or lease of lands or other property, and moneys to be derived from lawfully authorized bonds, notes or other debt obligations sold and in process of delivery shall be deemed in the treasury and subject to the certification referred to in Section 4 of this Article.
   (c)   Failure to Comply. All contracts, agreements, or other obligations and all ordinances, resolutions and orders entered into or passed contrary to the provisions of the preceding Sections shall be void, and no person whatever shall have any claim or demand against the City thereunder, nor shall Council, nor any officer of the City waive or qualify the limits fixed by such ordinance, resolution, or order or fasten upon the City any liability whatever, in excess of such limits, or release any party from compliance with this contract under such ordinance, resolution or order. 
(Ord. 29-18.  Passed 6-18-2018.)