(a)   The Director of Finance is hereby authorized and directed to sell, through public internet auctions, on an as needed basis various obsolete, surplus and nonfunctioning City vehicles, materials and/or equipment.
   (b)   The Director of Finance shall engage a representative or representatives to conduct said internet auctions.  Such representatives shall hold bidding for each item open for a period of not less than fifteen calendar days.  All internet auction sales shall be final and all items shall be sold as is.  (Ord. 38-07.  Passed 4-16-2007.)
   (c)   In the event that an item is not sold after having been offered for sale by internet auction, the Director of Finance may dispose of the property by selling the item for its scrap value, or if the item has no scrap value by otherwise properly disposing of the item.
(Ord. 31-12.  Passed 7-2-2012.)