Livestock Nuisances
   91.01   Generally
   91.02   Exceptions
   91.03   Variances
   91.04   Publication
   91.05   Effective date
Nuisances; Generally
   91.20   Definitions
   91.21   Stables, stalls, and the like in which manure accumulates
   91.22   Pig pens, lots, stables, and the like
   91.23   Keeping hogs within 500 feet of residences
   91.24   Dog kennels within 300 feet of residences
   91.25   Keeping chickens or other fowl within 500 feet of residences
   91.26   Discharge of liquid waste on streets and the like
   91.27   Accumulation of unsound meat, decayed vegetables, rubbish, and the like
   91.28   Burning manure, straw, garbage, and the like
   91.29   Depositing dead animals, rubbish, and the like on streets
   91.30   Duty of police
   91.31   Slaughter houses
   91.32   Filthy drains, leaking garbage receptacles, manure boxes, and the like
   91.33   Vegetable wastes, garbage, and the like on private alleys
   91.34   Accumulation of offensive materials on lots
   91.35   Depositing or throwing articles into sewer inlet and the like
   91.36   Requirements as to vehicles hauling garbage, swill, or other offensive matter
   91.37   Ponds or pools of unwholesome water
   91.38   Impure or unwholesome wells or cisterns
   91.39   Abatement of nuisance
   91.40   Failure of owner or occupant to obey orders; abatement by town; expense to be charged against owner and constitute lien
   91.41   Statement of expenses to be forwarded to Town Attorney; collection
   91.42   Right of owner to appear and show cause why order should not be complied with; extension of time
   91.43   Power of town officials to make arrests, administer oaths, enter premises, and the like
   91.44   Effective date
   91.99   Penalty