General Provisions
   95.001   Acts generally prohibited
   95.002   Definitions
Health Officer
   95.015   Office created
   95.016   Appointment
   95.017   Duties
   95.018   Reports
Registrar of Vital Statistics
   95.030   Designated
   95.031   Reports
   95.032   Records
   95.045   Stagnant pools of water
   95.046   Dangerous structures
Ice Vending Machines
   95.060   License required
   95.061   Fee and conditions
   95.062   Construction
   95.063   Lighting, painting and signs
   95.064   Off-street parking and loading
   95.065   Regulations
   95.066   Enforcement
Rats on Private Property
   95.080   Rats on private property
   95.081   Enforcement of subchapter
   95.110   Generally
   95.111   Bills on public and private property
   95.112   Samples or merchandise
Litter; Handbills
   95.125   Litter in public places
   95.126   Placement of litter in receptacles so as to prevent scattering
   95.127   Sweeping refuse and waste into gutters prohibited; duty to keep public places free of refuse and waste
   95.128   Litter from or by vehicles
   95.129   Throwing or distributing handbills in public places
   95.130   Depositing commercial handbills on uninhabited or vacant premises
   95.131   Prohibiting distribution of handbills where properly posted
   95.132   Dropping litter from aircraft
   95.133   Posting notices prohibited
Property Maintenance
   95.145   Refuse and waste on private property
   95.146   Maintenance of property
   95.147   Placement of refuse and waste on vacant lots
Abandoned Vehicles
   95.160   Inoperable and abandoned vehicles declared to be a nuisance
   95.161   Inoperable or abandoned vehicle disposal required
Prohibition of Smoking in Public and
Other Places
   95.175   Reserved
   95.176   Purpose
   95.177   Definitions
   95.178   Prohibition of smoking in public places
   95.179   Prohibition of smoking in public places and outdoor venues
   95.180   Prohibition in places of employment
   95.181   Designation of other no-smoking area
   95.182   Signs
   95.183   Severability
   95.184   Effective date
Hazardous Material Spills
   95.190   Regulations regarding release of hazardous material
   95.195   Abatement of nuisances and enforcement
   95.999   Penalty