Standards of Operation; Service
   52.01   Application for water service, service connections and meters
   52.02   Water mains; use of water
   52.03   Fire hydrants
   52.04   Cross connections
   52.05   Manifold service connections
   52.06   Plumbing specifications; responsibility and expenses
   52.07   Extension of service lines beyond property limits
   52.08   Disconnecting unused service lines
   52.09   Turning water on or off; charges
   52.10   Shutting off or withholding supply of water
   52.11   Interruption of service; damage to property
   52.12   Performance of work requiring experience and specialized equipment
   52.13   Billing and collection practices for services
   52.14   Emergency water use restrictions
   52.15   Temporary emergency sprinkling restrictions
Water Supply Cross Connections
   52.25   Water supply cross connection rules
   52.26   Provisions to be supplemental
   52.27   Inspection of possible cross connections
   52.28   Right of entry for purpose of inspection; refusal of information
   52.29   Discontinuance of water service
   52.30   Labeling of water outlets
   52.31   Backflow prevention assembly testing
Administration and Enforcement
   52.40   Authority of Council to control water supply system
   52.41   Responsibility of Mayor for administration
   52.42   Authority of department employees; right of entry
   52.99   Penalty