General Provisions
   30.01   City Hall designated; use
   30.02   Compensation
   30.03   Dealing with administrative services through City Manager
   30.15   Filing fee required
   30.16   Payment of fee
   30.17   Deposit of fee to General Fund
   30.18   Elections to be held in even-numbered years
   30.19   City Council districts established
   30.20   Election of members of the City Council by district
   30.21   Commencement of district elections
   30.22   Adjustment of Council district boundaries
   30.30   Regular meetings
   30.31   Special meetings
   30.32   Emergency meetings
   30.33   Adjourned meetings
   30.34   Meetings to be public; exceptions; closed sessions
   30.35   Meetings to be held within city limits; exceptions
   30.36   Quorum
   30.37   Council agenda
   30.38   Mailing notices of meetings and copies of agendas to members of the public; City Manager duties; Deputy City Clerk duties
   30.39   Presiding officer
   30.40   Conduct of business
   30.41   Call to order
   30.42   Roll call
   30.43   Reading of minutes
   30.44   Minutes
   30.45   Distribution of minutes
   30.46   Recording of minutes
   30.47   Consent calendar
   30.48   Gaining the floor by council members
   30.49   Questions to the staff
   30.50   Council member statements
   30.51   Points of order
   30.52   Point of personal privilege
   30.53   Privilege of closing debate
   30.54   Calling the question
   30.55   Protest against council action
   30.56   Request to address the council on agenda items other than items listed for public hearing
   30.57   Opportunity for public to address the council on non-agenda items; "Public Comment"
   30.58   Decorum and order; Council and city staff
   30.59   Decorum and order; audience
   30.60   Enforcement of decorum
   30.61   Voting procedures
   30.62   Request for determination of conflict of interest
   30.63   Failure to vote
   30.64   Tie vote
   30.65   Changing vote
   30.66   Reconsideration
   30.67   Public hearings; when held
   30.68   Public hearings; procedure
   30.69   Public hearings; evidence
   30.70   Public hearings; continuation
   30.71   Public hearings; closing
   30.72   Public hearings; reopening
   30.73   Public hearings; decision
   30.74   Motions
   30.75   Precedence of motions
   30.76   Particular motions, purpose and criteria
   30.77   Legislative action
   30.78   Preparation of ordinances
   30.79   Procedure for adoption of ordinances
   30.80   Resolutions
   30.81   Resolutions; adoption
   30.82   Ralph M. Brown Act
   30.83   Correspondence addressed to the City Council; authority of City Manager, City Clerk/Deputy City Clerk; treatment at meetings
   30.84   Correspondence to council members
   30.85   Public inspection of written materials distributed for discussion or consideration at meetings
   30.86   Confidential communications
   30.87   Council policy manual
   30.88   Failure to observe procedure; waiver
   30.89   Appeals procedure
   30.90   Administrative hearings procedure
   30.91   Administration of oath
   30.99   Penalty