•  Section 4A.01  General Intent, Purpose, and Use.
   (a)   Intent.  There are areas within the City where the intent is to place greater emphasis on regulating urban form and character of development as well as use and intensity of use.  The City also intends to encourage development by allowing a flexible mix of uses, while requiring specific development standards that will provide a more compact, walkable environment.  The Form-Based Districts are intended to implement the vision, goals, and objectives of the City of Howell Master Plan and any other applicable Plans.  In addition to the general standards applicable to all Form-Based Districts, there are specific standards applicable to each District.
   (b)   Purpose.  The general purpose of these regulations is as follows:
      (1)   Promote new investment opportunities by allowing a wide range of potential uses and techniques to expand the employment and economic base.
      (2)   Ensure that development is designed for people in cars as well as on foot or bike, creates attractive streetscapes and pedestrian spaces.
      (3)   Promote mixed-use development in both a horizontal and vertical form.
      (4)   Ensure reasonable transition between higher intensity development and adjacent neighborhoods.
      (5)   Increase options for people driving, walking or biking to reach their destinations and reduce the need for on-site parking.
      (6)   Provide a more predictable development approval process.
   (c)   Factors for Regulation.  These regulations are based on two (2) significant factors:  site context and building form.
      (1)   Site context is derived from existing and desired characteristics of an area, and recognizes the inherent conditions of the areas where these regulations are applied.  Sites are categorized by shape, size, orientation and location.  Sites are also characterized by the type of street upon which the property is located.
      (2)   Building form addresses the manner in which buildings and structures relate to their lots, surrounding buildings, and street frontage.  The shape of the building, the land area to volume ratio, and the orientation of the building has a significant impact upon the character of an area.  Building form standards control height, placement, building configuration, parking location, and ground story activation applicable to the site context.
      (3)   Regulations are tailored to meet a more specific intent of each district.  These districts and intents are set forth elsewhere in this Article.