• Section 5.16  Residential Units in Mixed Use Buildings.
   (1)   First Floor Uses. Due to the potential for incompatibilities of use when a residential dwelling unit is located on the first floor of a building in a non-residential area, certain criteria must be satisfied as part of the special land use request. The criteria associated with a first floor residential use include the following:
      A.   The front facade of the building shall be designed to be compatible with the adjacent structures when located in a predominantly nonresidential area.
      B.   Only one driveway will be permitted for the structure unless located on a corner lot.
      C.   The required parking shall be provided on-site and located within the rear of the property.
      D.   All such containers shall be located within an enclosure situated within the rear of the property.
      E.   A residential use shall not occupy more than 50% of the gross first floor area.
   (2)   Upper Floor Uses. A residential use located above a first floor office or commercial use is permitted through the special land use process, and subject to the requirements of subsection (1) A through D above.
   (3)   Basement Uses. Residential uses shall not be permitted as a basement use in a mixed-use building.