Boxing Commission
143.01   Creation; members; compensation; bond.
143.02   Adoption of State Boxing Commission powers, functions and duties.
143.03   Licenses, permits required; exceptions.
143.04   Boxing Commission powers.
143.05   Promoter's license required; application.
143.06   Conditions for issuance of promoter's license; contents; expiration    and renewal.
143.07   Photograph and fingerprints to be taken; use.
143.08   Application for permit to conduct boxing  match or exhibition; bond.
143.09   Permit to conduct match or exhibition; issuance, conditions and contents.
143.10   Prohibited activities of promoters; alternative site or substitute contestants.
143.11   Official's license or participant's or professional boxer's license required; application.
143.12   Officials' and professional boxers' licenses issuance conditions; contents; expiration and renewal.
143.13   License or permit fees.
143.14   Medical and life insurance for contestants.
143.15   Physical examinations; withholding purse; limitations on rounds; gloves.
143.16   Age of participant; gambling; sham matches prohibited.
143.17   Prohibited actions.
143.18   Financial interest in boxer and premises prohibited.
143.19   Advertising and tickets to include price; sale of tickets.
143.20   Tickets sold or issued not to exceed authorized capacity.
143.21   Appointment and payment of officials.
143.22   Inspectors duties and bond; license revocation; withholding and forfeiture of purse.
143.23   Grounds for disciplinary license action.
143.24   Written report of ticket sales and gross proceeds; tax.
143.25   Failure to file satisfactory report or pay tax.
143.26   Voucher for Boxing Commission expenses; limitation of expenditures.
143.99   Penalty.
         Admissions tax - see ADM. Ch. 113