If any person fails to make a report relating to a match or exhibition required under this chapter, or files a report under Section 143.22 that the Boxing Commission finds unsatisfactory, the Commission may examine or cause to be examined the books and records of such person. The Commission may also subpoena and examine under oath any persons to determine the amount of gross proceeds for a match or exhibition and the amount of tax due.
   If a person who conducts a match or exhibition pursuant to this chapter does not pay the tax due on or before the date prescribed herein he shall pay interest on the amount of tax due at a rate of five percent (5%) per month up to a maximum of twenty-five percent (25%). The Commission shall send a notice of delinquency to such a taxpayer. A delinquent taxpayer may be disqualified from receiving a new license.
   If a delinquent taxpayer does not pay the tax due and the interest thereon within twenty days after the notice of delinquency was mailed, he is in default on such taxes and interest. Any expenses incurred by the Commission in making examinations of the books and records of a taxpayer who is in default on such taxes and interest for a period of twenty days after the default occurred shall be paid by the taxpayer. The Director of Law shall institute suit upon the bond filed pursuant to Section 143.05 by a person who has defaulted on such taxes, interest and expenses in order to recover such taxes, interest and expenses.
(Ord. 44-1982. Passed 6-17-82.)