(a)    Upon receipt of an application for a permit to hold a boxing match or exhibition under Section 143.08, the Boxing Commission shall determine if the applicant holds a valid promoter's license issued pursuant to Section 143.06. The Commission shall also determine if the contestants are evenly and fairly matched according to skill, experience and weight so as to produce a fair and sportsmanlike contest, and whether the applicant is financially responsible and is able to pay to each contestant the compensation or percentage of the gate receipts named in the application. Prior to the commencement of any match or exhibition the applicant shall deposit with the Commission the total compensation or estimated portion of gate receipts to be paid to the contestants named in the application made pursuant to Section 143.08.
   (b)    If the Commission determines that the applicant has met all of the requirements specified in subsection (a) hereof, it shall issue the applicant a permit to conduct the match or exhibition. If the applicant fails to deposit any compensation or portion of gate receipts required by the Commission before the first contest of the match or exhibition is held, the Commission may revoke the permit and order the applicant not to conduct the match described in the permit.
   (c)    Each permit issued pursuant to this section shall bear the name and post office address of the applicant, the address of the place where the match or exhibition is to be held, the date and starting time of the match or exhibition and a serial number designated by the Commission.
   A permit issued under this section shall allow the permit holder to conduct only the match or exhibition named in the permit. A permit is not transferable. In the event that the permit holder has scheduled matches on two successive days, then one permit may be issued for the two day event and only one performance bond shall be required.
(Ord. 44-1982. Passed 6-17-82.)