The Boxing Commission shall employ inspectors to attend each boxing match or exhibition held under a permit issued under Section 143.08. Only one inspector shall be assigned to any one facility for any one match or exhibition. Any member of the Commission may act as an inspector, and when acting as an inspector shall be paid as provided in this section.
   The inspector shall monitor the sales of tickets from the premises box office on the day of the match or exhibition and, immediately following the counting of the gross proceeds, obtain a box office statement from the person conducting the match or exhibitor and mail it to the Commission. The inspector shall have complete access to any books, records and papers pertaining to the match or exhibition.
   The inspector shall give bond in the amount of one thousand dollars ($1,000) with sufficient sureties to be approved by and made payable to the Finance Director. If the inspector appointed for any match or exhibition is a member of the Commission and has already posted a bond in accordance with Section 143.01 then such member need not file any additional bond under the terms of this section. The inspector shall receive the sum of fifty dollars ($50.00) plus his actual and necessary travel expenses, for attending a match or exhibition which fee shall be charged to the holder of the permit for such match or exhibition.
   The inspector may order a prize, remuneration, purse or any part thereof withheld from a contestant if the inspector believes the contestant did not compete to the best of his ability. The inspector shall file any charges with the Commission which shall hold a hearing pursuant to the applicable provisions of the Ohio Revised Code and issue a final order within thirty days after the inspector files charges.
   If the Commission finds that the contestant did not compete to the best of his ability it may revoke the contestant's license. When a license is so revoked, any prize, remuneration, purse or part thereof that the contestant otherwise would have received shall be paid to the Commission and shall become the property of the City. (Ord. 44-1982. Passed 6-17-82.)