No person who holds a promoter's license to conduct boxing under Section 143.06 shall:
   (a)    Hold any match or exhibition at any time or place other than that stated on a permit issued under Section 143.08;
   (b)    Allow any contestant to participate in the match or exhibition unless he is the licensed boxer named in the application for such permit or a licensed boxer authorized to compete as a substitute for such a contestant by the inspector assigned to the facility where the match or exhibition is held for that match or exhibition;
   (c)    Charge a higher admission price for a match or exhibition than that stated in the application; or
   (d)    Pay a greater compensation or percentage of the gate receipts to any contestant than that stated in the application.
   The Boxing Commission, upon application by a holder of a permit under Section 143.08 may allow the permit holder to hold the match or exhibition for which the permit was issued at an alternative site that is within the City and that offers substantially similar seating facilities or allow the permit holder to substitute contestants or seconds, provided that the substitute contestants are evenly matched with their opponents in skill, experience and weight.
(Ord. 44-1982. Passed 6-17-82.)