Editor's note: This Charter was adopted by the majority of the voters of this city December 13, 1971, and includes changes adopted by the majority of the voters voting in the municipal election of May 4, 1991.
Article I
   1.01   Incorporation
   1.02   Form of government
Article II
Powers of the City
   2.01   Powers of the City
   2.02   Construction
   2.03   Intergovernmental relations
   2.04   Extension of City limits upon petition
   2.05   Extension of City limits by the City Council
   2.06   Exchange of territory
   2.07   Wards
   2.08   Eminent domain
   2.09   Establishment and control of streets
   2.10   Street improvements
   2.11   Garbage disposal
   2.12   Municipal court
   2.13   Sanitary sewer system
   2.14   Police force
   2.15   Nuisances
   2.16   Occupation and license taxes
   2.17   Removal of dangerous structures
Article III
The City Council
   3.01   Number, selection, term
   3.02   Election by place
   3.03   Qualifications
   3.04   Compensation of member
   3.04.01   Change to ward system
   3.05   Presiding Officer: Mayor
   3.06   Vacancies
   3.07   Powers
   3.08   Employment and removal of City Manager
   3.09   City Judge
   3.10   City Attorney
   3.11   Induction into office meetings
   3.12   Council to be judge of qualifications of its members
   3.13   Ordinances
   3.14   Procedure for passage of ordinance
   3.15   Investigation by Council
   3.16   Independent annual audit
Article IV
The City Manager
   4.01   Qualifications
   4.02   Powers and duties
   4.03   Absence of City Manager
Article V
The Budget
   5.01   Fiscal year
   5.02   Anticipated revenues compared with other years in budget
   5.03   Proposed expenditures compared with other years
   5.04   Budget a public record
   5.05   Notice of public hearing on budget
   5.06   Public hearing on budget
   5.07   Vote required for adoption
   5.08   Date of final adoption; failure to adopt
   5.09   Effective date of budget: certification: copies made available
   5.10   Budget establishes appropriations
   5.11   Budget establishes amount to be raised by property tax
Article VI
   6.01   Power to tax
   6.02   Tax liens
Article VII
Nominations and Elections
   7.01   Municipal elections
   7.02   Regulation of elections
   7.03   How to get name on ballot
   7.04   Council ballots
   7.05   Election by majority
   7.06   Runoff elections
   7.07   Tie election
Article VIII
Initiative, Referendum and Recall
   8.01   Power of initiative
   8.02   Power of referendum
   8.03   Form of petitions; Committee of Petitioners
   8.04   Filing, examination, and certification of petitions
   8.05   Amendment of petitions
   8.06   Effect of certification of referendum petition
   8.07   Consideration by Council
   8.08   Submission to electors
   8.09   Form of ballot for initiated and referred ordinances
   8.10   Results of election
   8.11   Repealing ordinances; publication
   8.12   Recall: general
   8.13   Recall procedure
   8.14   Recall petitions
   8.15   Recall election
   8.16   Ballots in recall election
   8.17   Results of recall election
   8.18   Limitations of recalls
   8.19   District judge may order election
Article IX
   9.01   Ownership, control and use of real and public property of the City
   9.02   Exclusive franchises
Article X
   10.01   Personal financial interest
   10.02   Prohibitions, activities prohibited
   10.03   Charter amendment
   10.04   Separability
Article XI
Transitional Provisions
   11.01   Officers and employees
   11.02   Pending matters
   11.03   State and municipal laws