(a)   Candidates.  If no candidate for a place on the City Council receives a majority of votes cast for that place, the Mayor of the City shall, according to State law, issue a call for a second election to be held on the day as authorized by State law. The two candidates receiving the highest number of votes for a given place shall gain a place on the runoff election. Tie candidates in the general election shall be treated as specified by State law.
   (b)   Ballot.  The official ballot to be used at the runoff election shall be prepared by the City Secretary. The order on the ballot shall be determined by a drawing
   (c)   Withdrawal.  If either candidate in a run-off shall withdraw, that candidate shall make a request to the City Secretary as specified by State law. If a runoff candidate withdraws, the remaining candidate is considered to be elected and the runoff election for that place is not held.