The Mayor shall preside at the meetings of the City Council and shall be recognized head of the City of Harker Heights government for all ceremonial purposes, and by the governor for purposes of military law, but he/she shall have no regular administrative duties. The Mayor shall only be entitled to vote upon matters considered by the council in the event there is a tie vote. The Mayor shall have the power of veto of any ordinance passed by the council provided the Mayor sends such ordinance unsigned to the council together with reasons for nonapproval within seven days of its passage by the council. The council may pass the ordinance by an affirmative vote of ¾ of the elected councilmembers in this case and it will become law notwithstanding the veto. In the event of a failure to sign an ordinance within seven days without returning it to the council with a message stating reasons for not signing, the ordinance will automatically become law without the Mayor's signature.
   At the first meeting following the election, next following each regular municipal election, the council shall elect a Mayor Pro-Tem from their number to serve a one year term who shall act as Mayor during the absence or disability of the Mayor, and if a vacancy should occur, shall become Mayor until the next regular election of a Mayor.