Demolition of Buildings
   153.001   Purpose
   153.002   Permit required; exceptions
   153.003   Permit application
   153.004   Permit and inspection fees
   153.005   Safety precautions
   153.006   Demolition standards
   153.007   Time limitation
   App. A   Technical specifications for demolitions
Riparian Setbacks
   153.020   Purpose
   153.021   Compliance and violations
   153.022   Conflicts with other regulations and severability
   153.023   Definitions
   153.024   Establishment of a riparian setback
   153.025   Uses permitted
   153.026   Uses prohibited
   153.027   Nonconforming structures or uses
   153.028   Boundary interpretation and appeals procedure
   153.029   Variances with riparian setback
   153.030   Inspection
   App. B   Woody plants suitable for riparian areas
Numbering of Buildings
   153.045   Identification required; numbering specifications
   153.046   Surveys by Fire and Public Service Departments; noncompliance; enforcement
   153.047   Defacing of numbers
Sustainable Building Practices
   153.060   Standards to be met
   153.061   Definitions
   153.062   Exemptions
   153.063   Encouraged registration and certification
Unsafe Buildings and Structures
   153.075   Repair or removal
   153.076   Inspection and report; notice to owner; securing vacant structure
   153.077   Order to vacate; closing streets, sidewalks and the like
   153.078   Failure to comply with notice or order to remove, repair or vacate
   153.079   Emergency work
   153.080   Recovery of costs
   153.081   Fire-damaged structures; recovery of insurance proceeds
   153.082   Monitoring of rotary fund
   153.083   Delegation of powers and duties
   153.084   Certification by Clerk of Council
Dangerous Buildings
   153.095   Zoning division
   153.096   Dangerous building defined
   153.097   Dangerous buildings; nuisances
   153.098   Unsafe conditions; reports
   153.099   Structures vacant and open entry
   153.100   Agreement to repair or remove
   153.101   Authority to examine premises
   153.102   Remedial order; notice
   153.103   Posting of signs
   153.104   Permits
   153.105   Right to demolish
   153.106   Failure to act; remedy by city; costs certified as lien
   153.107   Enforcement
   153.108   Appeal to Board of Zoning Appeals
   153.999   Penalty
Statutory reference:
   Injunctions for noncompliance with building regulations, see R.C. § 715.30
   Power to regulate building numbering, see R.C. § 715.26
   Recovery from owner of building of total cost of correcting hazardous condition or abating nuisance, see R.C. § 715.261