General Provisions
   36.01   Municipal Judge; appointment
   36.02   Associate judges; appointment
   36.03   Filling vacancy in office of judge
   36.04   Filling vacancy in office of associate judge
   36.05   Judges not to plead in cases heard by them; limitation on practice in criminal causes
   36.06   Appointment and duties of Clerk of Court
   36.07   Attendance of police officer in court required
   36.08   Jurisdiction
   36.09   Powers and duties of judge
   36.10   Authority of judge to impose fine or imprisonment
Administrative Procedure
   36.25   When court to be held
   36.26   Authority of judges to issue rules for conduct of business
   36.27   Disposition of fines and forfeitures
   36.28   Forfeiture of bond by person not appearing
   36.29   Commencement of proceedings upon information
   36.30   Subpoena of witnesses
   36.31   Tampering with witnesses
   36.32   Enforcement of observance of decorum; punishment for insults and disturbances
   36.33   Motions for new trial; right of appeal
   36.34   Reasons for granting new trial
   36.35   Appeals to court of general sessions by person convicted and sentenced
   36.36   Bail while appeal pending
   36.37   Effect, upon appeal, of transcript of reporter’s notes of testimony
   36.55   Empaneling of jury upon timely demand
   36.56   Drawing and composing juries; single trials, trial terms; peremptory challenges
   36.57   Qualifications of jurors
   36.58   Neglect or refusal of juror to appear in obedience to venire