The Recreation and Park Board shall have full power and authority over all trees, plants and shrubs planted and to be planted in the streets and public highways of the City, including the right to plant new trees and care for the same, and to that end the Board is authorized to appoint a person, to be known as the City Forester, and such other employees and assistant as may be necessary, and to prescribe and define their respective duties and to fix the amount of their compensation. The Forester shall be an expert, trained in the care and culture of trees and whose duty it shall be, under the control and direction of the Park Board to superintend, regulate and encourage the preservation, culture and planting of shade and ornamental trees, plants and shrubs on the public highways of the City, to prune, spray and cultivate and otherwise maintain the trees, plants and shrubbery, and to direct the time and methods incident to all trimming, spraying, pruning, and care of same. It shall be the further duty of the Park Board to advise without charge the owners or occupants of lots regarding the planting of trees, plants and shrubbery best adapted to their particular street, and to advise as to the proper kinds of trees, plants and shrubs, and to take such measures as may be deemed necessary to control and exterminate all insect pests and plant diseases that may injuriously affect trees, plants and shrubs that are now growing or may be hereafter growing on the streets or public highways of the City.
(Ord. 111, passed 12-2-1918)