No person shall do or be permitted to do any of the following acts or practices in relation to any trees planted on any public square, grounds, streets, boulevards or alleys in the City:
   (a)   Destroy, break, chop, girdle, deface, climb, injure, misuse or interfere with any tree;
   (b)   To attach to or in any manner fasten any wire, rope, chain, cable, sign, card, poster or other article to any tree or to any guard or stake intended for the protection of any tree;
   (c)   To hitch or fasten any animal to any tree or shrub or to any guard intended for the protection of same or to allow any animal to stand nearer than six feet to any tree or shrub;
   (d)   To pile, dump or otherwise place or deposit within a distance of four feet of any tree, plant or shrub any brick, stone, sand, cement, lumber, mortar, lime, dirt or any other material;
   (e)   To allow coal gas or other gaseous substances deleterious to tree life, any salt, brine, dust, oil or liquid to come in contact with or to flow or drip on or into the soil about the base of any tree, plant or shrub;
   (f)   To dig a trench under or within six feet of any tree, shrub or plant for the laying of any kind of pipe, main, tile or conduit without first obtaining from the Recreation and Park Board a written permit therefor, in which case the work shall be done in strict accordance with the requirements as set forth in the permit; or
   (g)   To erect, repair, alter or remove any building, structure or portion thereof, to excavate for any building, structure or for any other purpose in such close proximity as to injure any tree or shrub without first having placed good and efficient guards around the tree or shrub.
(Ord. 111, passed 12-2-1918)