Elm trees infected with the fungus Ceratocystis ulmi, commonly known as Dutch elm disease, or infested with beetles known to be a vector of this disease are hereby declared to be dangerous, and obnoxious trees and public nuisances and all aboveground portions of such trees shall be removed and destroyed by burning or by burying under a minimum of two feet of each by the owner or person in charge or control of the property upon which same are located, within ten days after receipt of notice in writing by the Recreation and Park Board; provided, that between the dates of September 1 and April 30 the Recreation and Park Board shall have the authority to grant an extension for a reasonable length of time to the owners of property upon which the diseased elm trees are located, upon a showing that the requirements of removal within ten days of receipt of notice would work a hardship. All notices issued by the Recreation and Park Board during the period of September 1 through April 30 shall advise the property owner of the right to request this extension of time.
(Ord. 1939, passed 10-3-1966)