(a)   It shall be unlawful for any person, having notice or knowledge that any wire, cable or other thing, owned or controlled by the person is so suspended or placed as to come in contact with any tree or shrub standing or being in any public street, boulevard, lane, alley or public place in the City, to permit the wire, cable or other thing to remain so suspended or placed for a period extending over five days after such notice or knowledge, unless the person shall insulate the wire or cable in a manner satisfactory to the Chief Electrical Inspector, or in the event the insulation cannot be done to the satisfaction of the Electrical Inspector, then, unless the tree or shrub shall be trimmed in such a manner satisfactory to the Recreation and Park Board, the person shall remove the electric wire or cable or other thing, if in the opinion of the Chief Electrical Inspector it cannot be insulated and if, in the opinion of the Park Board, the tree or shrub cannot be so trimmed without injury thereto, the cost and expense of the insulation or trimming is to be paid by the person owning or controlling the electric wire, cable or other thing.
   (b)   The Recreation and Park Board shall have power to cause to be removed any wire, conduit or other thing now existing, that burns or chafes any part of any tree, whether trunk, root or branch in any street, lane, alley or public place in the City, in case the owner of the wire, conduit or other thing shall fail, after three days’ written notice, to take adequate steps to prevent further injury.
(Ord. 111, passed 12-2-1918)