Community Television Access Board
   35.01   Establishment, powers, limitations, duties, funding and procedures of the Community Television Access Board
   35.02   Composition, appointment and other matters related to Board personnel
   35.03   Funding
   35.04   Mayor to resolve certain matters; appeals
Fair Housing/Human Rights Commission
   35.10   Establishment
Housing Authority Commission
   35.15   Establishment
   35.16   Composition and appointment
   35.17   Qualifications and terms
   35.18   Compensation
Joint Dispatch Board
   35.30   Creation; membership
   35.31   Meetings; Chairman
   35.32   Duties
   35.33   Facilities; funding
Planning Commission
   35.45   Creation of planning unit; jurisdiction
   35.46   Planning Commission created; members
   35.47   Term of office
   35.48   Reimbursement; disposition of funds
   35.49   Commission to operate in accordance with statutory provisions
Police Department
   35.60   Establishment
   35.61   Police Chief; police officers
   35.62   Police regulations
Recreation Board
   35.70   Establishment
Volunteer Fire Department
   35.75   Establishment
   35.76   Volunteer Fire Chief
Ethics Board
   35.80   Establishment
Joint Economic Development Commission
   35.85   Establishment; membership
   35.86   Powers; duties
Code Enforcement Board
   35.100   Definitions
   35.101   Creation and membership
   35.102   Enforcement powers
   35.103   Appointment of members; term of office; removal of office; oath; compensation
   35.104   Organization of Board; meetings; quorum
   35.105   Conflict of interest
   35.106   Powers of the Code Enforcement Board
   35.107   Hearing officers
   35.108   Enforcement proceedings
   35.109   Hearing; notice and final order
   35.110   Presentation of cases
   35.111   Appeals; final judgment
   35.112   Ordinance fine schedule
   35.113   Lien; fines, charges and fees
   35.114   Lienholder notification system
   35.115   Liens
Tourist and Convention Commission
   35.130   Establishment of Commission
   35.131   Membership
   35.132   Election of officers
   35.133   Meetings
   35.134   Request for funds