No member of Council, and no officer or employee of the City, shall:
   (a)   Act directly or indirectly as attorney, agent, broker or employee, or in any other capacity, on behalf of any private person, firm or corporation interested directly or indirectly in any manner whatsoever in any contract, work or business, or the sale or acquisition of any property, the cost of which is payable from City funds, or
   (b)   Engage in the practice of law or represent or appear on behalf of an individual before the Municipal Court in any manner or controversy in which the City is, or may become, a party, except on behalf of the City as an officer or employee, or volunteer opinion evidence against the interests of the City in any litigation in which the City is a party, or
   (c)   Appear before any board or commission of the City as counsel, attorney or agent, except on behalf of a constituent without compensation therefor, or in the performance of public obligations or official duties.
(Ord. 65-103.  Passed 7-19-65.)