§ 5-8. Use of vehicles.
   (a)   Persons entering the cemetery in automobiles or other vehicles shall enter at the First Street gates during the hours permitted for entrance and shall not back or turn vehicles in use on the driveways, but shall follow the driveway without turning or backing either in the driveway or at intersections of driveways from the point of ingress or entrance and drive around the regularly constructed and maintained course of the roadways of the cemetery following the course of such roadways to the point of exit back through the gates at the north end of First Street.
   (b)   No fast driving shall be allowed on the cemetery grounds and there shall be no driving on any other than the regular roadways.
(Code 1977, § 14.010(6), (7); Ord. No. 1321, § 1(6), (7), 12-23-83)
   Cross reference--Traffic and motor vehicles generally, Ch. 17.