§ 5-4.  Sale of lots.
   (a)   Lots or parts of lots in the cemeteries shall be sold by the city, but only at the price fixed by the board of commissioners.  All deeds for cemetery lots shall be recorded by the city clerk in the office of the Boyle County Clerk and the purchaser of the lot shall be required to pay to the city the cost for the recording of the deed at the time of purchase of the lot.  The lots are to be sold and used only for the burial of human dead, and all deeds to the lots shall be executed by the mayor, and no lot or part of lot shall be sold or conveyed unless the full price therefor shall have been paid in advance.  No burial shall be permitted to take place on any lot unless same shall have been sold or conveyed as provided in this chapter; and the purchaser of all or parts of lots in the cemetery shall hold the same subject to this chapter and the rules, regulations and restrictions promulgated and provided for in this chapter.
   (b)   The deed to each lot shall contain a clause referring to these rules and regulations, and setting forth the fact that the deed to the purchaser is accepted upon and subject to the condition that the purchaser comply with all the rules and regulations for the government of the cemetery.  Each deed shall further contain a restriction prohibiting the sale or transfer of such lot by deed of conveyance unless the same shall have first have been offered for sale to the city at a sum equivalent to the current market value of comparable burial lots within the area or the amount offered unto the owner of the lot by a prospective, bona fide, good faith purchaser, whichever sum shall be highest.
(Code 1977, § 14.010(4); Ord. No. 1321, § 1(4), 12-23-83; Am. Ord. No. 1621, 4-8-02)