General Provisions
   30.01   Elections
   30.02   Purchasing manual adopted by reference
   30.03   Claims against the city
   30.04   Working cash fund
   30.05   Depositories for city funds
   30.06   Optional municipal budget act adopted
   30.07   Purchase, sale, and lease of real estate
   30.08   Financial policy
   30.09   Indemnification of City Council and officers
   30.10   Vacation of streets and alleys
   30.11   Sale or trade of tangible personal property
   30.12   Investment Policy
   30.13   Uncollectable accounts receivable
   30.14   Public transportation
   30.15   Disclosure policies and procedures adopted by reference
   30.16   Acceptance of credit cards
Code of Ethics
   30.20   Declaration of policy
   30.21   Purpose
   30.22   Findings and declarations
   30.23   Principle of good faith
   30.24   Principle of nonpartisanship
   30.25   Principle of public interest
   30.26   Principle of accountability
   30.27   Principle of democratic leadership
   30.28   Principle of independent judgment
   30.29   Conflicts of interest
   30.30   Political activities of public servants
   30.31   Penalties
   30.32   Definitions
   30.33   Severance clause
   30.34   Conflicts with other ordinances and regulations
State Officials and Employees Ethics Act
   30.50   Adoption by reference
Access to Public Records
   30.60   Summary of purpose
   30.61   Definitions
   30.62   Procedures for requesting public records
   30.63   Form and content of requests
   30.64   Procedures for providing records to requestors
   30.65   Fee schedule