(A)   The Illinois Freedom of Information Act, ILCS Ch. 5, Act 140, requires all public bodies, as that term is defined therein, to make non-exempt public records available for inspection and copying. The City strives to comply with this law and endorses the fundamental concept that all persons are entitled to full, accurate, and complete information regarding the affairs of the City and its official acts and policies. In determining the parameters of public access to information, the City also understands its obligations to protect legitimate privacy interests and maintain the efficiency and security of its administrative operations.
   (B)   This policy governing access to public records is established to implement the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act. (ILCS Ch. 5, Act 140). Pursuant to Section 3 of the Act, the City shall have the authority to promulgate rules and regulations pertaining to the availability of records and procedures to be followed in conformity with the provisions of the Act. The rules established in this subchapter are intended to serve as procedural guidelines for implementing and complying with the Act.
(Ord. 8203, passed 10-2-01; Am. Ord. 8684, passed 1-5-10)