(A)   General rule. Public servants shall treat their government positions as a public trust, using the powers and resources of public office only to advance public interests, and not to attain personal benefits or pursue any other private interest incompatible with the public good.
   (B)   Primacy of democratic processes.  In pursuing the public interest public servants shall scrupulously observe and abide by the United States and Illinois Constitutions, all applicable local laws and democratic processes.
   (C)   Pursuing broad public good. In pursuing the public interest, public servants shall:
      (1)   Put loyalty to democratic principles and to their conscientious convictions about the overall public good above loyalty to political party, narrow constituency, and individual interests which are inconsistent with the general public interest.
      (2)   Allocate public funds and formulate general public policies only after evaluating information objectively and deciding what is best for the public as a whole, not just for a narrow constituency.
      (3)   Take whatever steps are necessary to safeguard and protect the reputation of the city government and integrity and efficiency of their office, subordinating the personal interests of superiors, colleagues and friends to the interests of the city.
(Ord. 7781, passed 9-5-95)