General Provisions
   157.001   Short title
   157.002   Purpose and authority
   157.003   Schedule of construction and sale of lots
   157.004   Schedule of improvements
   157.005   Definitions
Subdivision Procedure
   157.020   Compliance
   157.021   Preliminary information
   157.022   Submission of preliminary plat
   157.023   Processing of preliminary plat
   157.024   Planning Commission action
   157.025   Submission and processing of preliminary grading plans
   157.026   Submission of improvement drawings and specifications
   157.027   Processing of improvement drawings and plans
   157.028   Submission of final plat
   157.029   Processing final plat where applicable; improvement drawings and specifications
   157.030   Final approval of plat by Planning Commission
   157.031   Effect of approval
   157.032   Disposition of approved final plat
   157.033   Recording
   157.034   Submission of as-built improvement drawings
   157.035   Acceptance of improvements for maintenance or land offered for dedication
   157.036   Submission and processing of identification plats
   157.037   Submission and processing of condominium property regime plats
Preliminary Plat Requirements
   157.050   Specifications for and content
Final Plat Requirements
   157.065   Specifications for and content
Design Standards for Layout of Subdivisions
   157.080   Streets
   157.081   Intersections
   157.082   Easements
   157.083   Physical considerations
   157.084   Flood hazards
   157.085   Blocks
   157.086   Lots
   157.087   Pedestrian ways
   157.088   Public sites
   157.100   Improvements; preconstruction meeting
   157.101   Drainage
   157.102   Sanitary sewer system
   157.103   Water system
   157.104   Streets
   157.105   Driveway approaches
   157.106   Off-street parking areas
   157.107   Telephone and electrical utility lines
   157.108   Street signs
   157.109   Street lights
   157.110   Planting screen or fences
   157.111   Monumentation
   157.112   Plans for future expansion; extra size and off-site improvements
   157.113   Plans required for control of erosion and sedimentation
   157.114   Construction inspections
   157.115   Construction responsibilities
   157.116   Agreements and guarantees
Administration and Enforcement
   157.130   Administration
   157.131   Fees
   157.132   Modifications
   157.133   Enforcement
   157.134   Appeals from Planning Commission’s duly authorized representative
   157.135   Appeals from Planning Commission
   157.136   Overriding Northern Kentucky Area Planning Commission recommendations
   157.137   Public hearing
   157.999   Penalty
   Appendix A:   Sidewalk and Driveway Construction
   Appendix B:   Asphalt Concrete Pavement for Street and Driveway Construction
   Appendix C:   Typical Detail Sections for Street Designs
   Appendix D:   Certificates, Acknowledgments and Approvals
   Appendix E:   Sight Distance Requirements
   Comprehensive Plan, see § 156.01
   Comprehensive Plan Amendments, see TSO Table II
   Nuisances, see Ch. 92
   Zoning Code, see Ch. 158
Statutory reference:
   Authority, see KRS 100.111 through 100.991