92.01   Generally
   92.02   Scope; intent; conflict with other ordinances
   92.03   Definitions
   92.04   Public nuisances prohibited
   92.05   Actions constituting public nuisances
   92.06   Dangerous buildings
   92.07   Noise control
   92.08   Shopping carts
   92.09   Graffiti
   92.10   Criminal activity as a public nuisance
   92.11   Animals and animal excrement
   92.12   Junked vehicles, machines, salvage materials and manufactured homes as nuisances
   92.13   Abandoned, inoperable and unlicensed vehicles; outside storage of vehicles and trailers
   92.14   Administration; record keeping; enforcement
   92.15   Powers and duties of the City Manager or designee; record keeping; inspection
   92.16   Establishment of Code Enforcement Board; powers
   92.17   Code enforcement proceedings; procedure
   92.18   Code Enforcement Board hearings; notice; failure to appear; procedure; final order
   92.19   Appeals of Code Enforcement Board decision; final judgment
   92.20   Lien; recording; fines, charges and fees
   92.21   Immediate action; injunction by the city
   92.22   Lienholder notification system
   92.23   Lienholder rights, lien precedence
   92.99   Penalty