§ 240.05 Lead Abatement and Lead Hazard Control
   (a)   The Commissioner is authorized to establish a program for loaning equipment, at no cost, for the removal or control of lead hazards in the City and is authorized to enter into contracts, as approved by the Director of Law, for the purpose of loaning the equipment.
   (b)   The commissioners and inspectors of the Division of Environment and Department of Building and Housing are authorized to issue a stop work or cease and desist order to any person performing work in violation of RC Chapter 3742 or this chapter.
   (c)   No person shall fail to immediately stop lead abatement or control activities when ordered to do so under division (b) of this section. No person shall resume lead abatement or control activities except in conformance with all applicable standards and methods prescribed in RC Chapter 3742.
(Ord. No. 747-2019. Passed 7-24-19, eff. 7-26-19)