203.01   Investigations; Remedial Measures
203.02   Notice to Abate; Exception
203.03   Compliance; Abatement by City; Costs a Lien
203.04   Destruction of Unsanitary Articles
203.05   Other Legal or Equitable Relief
203.06   Lot Drainage; Stagnant Water
203.07   Accumulations of Garbage, Refuse and Waste
203.08   Parking Waste Collection Vehicles
203.09   Heating Business Buildings
203.10   Illegal Distribution of Cigarettes
   Cleanliness and ventilation of public laundries, CO 223.05
   Drifting debris prohibited on City waters, CO 483.03
   Food shop sanitation, CO 241.08
   Nuisances in City waters; abatement, CO 483.05
   Right of entry to enforce Health Code, CO 201.01
   Sanitary rules and regulations for barber shops, CO 225.06
   Sanitation of day nurseries, CO 227.15, 227.23
   Vacant lot nuisances, CO 209.02
Statutory reference:
   Powers of Board of Health to abate nuisances, RC 3707.01 et seq.
   Prohibitions against nuisances, RC 3767.13 et seq.