§ 403.03  Regulations by Director of Public Service
   (a)   The Director of Public Service is hereby authorized to adopt regulations as follows:
      (1)   Designating streets or parts of streets upon which stopping, standing or parking of vehicles is prohibited at all times, prohibited during certain hours or limited for a specified time period;
      (2)   Designating streets or parts of streets as fire lanes or snow emergency streets with parking prohibited as provided in Sections 451.15 and 451.17;
      (3)   Designating streets or parts of streets upon which vehicular traffic shall move in only one (1) direction;
      (4)   Designating streets or parts of streets upon which commercial units are prohibited or restricted to a specified weight;
      (5)   Closing temporarily any street or portion thereof or restricting the use thereof when required by public safety or convenience;
      (6)   Prohibiting or requiring left-hand turns by vehicles at designated intersections or other locations, and exempting RTA vehicles from such prohibitions;
      (7)   Designating streets, parts thereof or other locations for angle parking;
      (8)   Designating stop or yield intersections.
   (b)   No such regulation shall permit parking in any of the places prohibited by this Traffic Code, nor shall any such regulation limiting the time of parking or prohibiting parking be deemed to apply on Sundays, holidays, other than Saturday afternoon or between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m., unless the regulations and the sign evidencing the same specifically so state. Regulations shall become effective ten (10) days after publication in the City Record and upon the erection of signs sufficient in number to apprise the ordinarily observant person of the existence of the regulation, and shall continue to have the force and effect of ordinances until rescinded by the Director or disapproved by ordinance of Council. However, before adopting any regulation the Director shall notify in writing council members from each ward which are to be affected by such proposed regulation at least thirty (30) days prior to the adoption of such proposed regulation. If the proposed regulation meets with the disapproval of any councilman, then such regulation shall not be adopted. The provisions of the Traffic Code shall be deemed to be regulations adopted under this section and shall continue in full force and effect as such regulations until changed in the manner provided herein. Violations of such regulations so adopted and published shall be subject to the penalties prescribed in Section 403.99.
   (c)   Council members affected by any proposed regulation of the Director may waive in writing the thirty (30) days notice required by division (b) hereof and request that such proposed regulation be published in the next succeeding issue of the City Record in order that the regulation may become effective ten (10) days after such publication and posting of signs as required by division (b) hereof.
(Ord. No. 1806-2000. Passed 3-19-01, eff. 3-26-01) (BOC Res. No. 223-01. Adopted 4-4-01)