17-7-1300  SD-23 Sheridan Park North Special Character Overlay District.
   17-7-1301 Description. The SD-23, Sheridan Park North Special Character Overlay District is intended to require larger front setbacks for new residential development, consistent with the existing pattern of front yards in the neighborhood.
   17-7-1302 Front Setbacks.
      17-7-1302-A The minimum front setback is 30 feet, except that within Subdistrict A, where the minimum front setback is 40 feet. (See Sec. 17-17-0306 for rules governing the measurement of front setbacks.)
      17-7-1302-B Porches and terraces may not encroach within the required front setback within Subdistrict A. Outside of Subdistrict A, porches and above-grade, open terraces (including roofed terraces) are permitted within the required front setback, provided such structures do not project more than 10 feet and provided a minimum 20-foot front setback is maintained.
(Added Coun. J. 5-26-04, p. 25275)