17-7-0570  Additional Dwelling Unit-Allowed Areas.
   17-7-0571 Purpose. Establish initial designated areas that allow for organic, contextual growth in the existing housing stock to create additional, unsubsidized, affordable housing for moderate- and low-income tenants, allow multi-generational living arrangements, allow owners to retain property ownership while downsizing living space or allow owners to create additional revenue streams to defray property tax costs, home maintenance costs, or other costs. These Additional Dwelling Unit-Allowed Areas represent a cross-section of neighborhood types in terms of market conditions, housing stock, and geography, and will allow for the evaluation of conversion units and coach houses in a variety of contexts in order to reassess best practices for the regulation, expansion, contraction or elimination of Additional Dwelling Unit-Allowed Areas.
   17-7-0572 Boundaries. Additional Dwelling Unit-Allowed Areas are defined and identified, as follows:
      North Zone is bounded by Devon, the lakefront, Lawrence, Clarendon, Halsted, Diversey, Lincoln, Belmont, the North Branch of the Chicago River, the North Shore Channel, Peterson, California, Granville, and Seeley.
      Northwest Zone is bounded by the Eisenhower Expressway, Sacramento, Fulton, Damen, Chicago, Western, Hirsch, Rockwell, North, Sacramento, Bloomingdale, Kedzie, Palmer, Kostner, Fullerton, Central Park, Belle Plaine, Lawndale, Montrose, Harding, Lawrence, Kedzie, Elston, California, Fullerton, Western, North, and Ashland.
      West Zone is bounded by the Eisenhower Expressway, Homan, the South Branch of the Chicago River, and 4600 West.
      South Zone is bounded by Cicero, 7500 South, Kedzie, 71st St., Halsted, 63rd St., 600 West, 47th St., King, 60th St., Dorchester, 65th St., Cottage Grove, 67th St., the Dan Ryan Expressway, 95th St., Ashland, and 87th St.
      Southeast Zone is bounded by 8300 South, the city limits, Torrence, 95th St., Commercial, 83rd Pl., and Houston.
Figure 17-7-0570
(Note: This map is provided for illustrative purpose only: Additional Dwelling Unit-Allowed Area boundaries may be amended only through text amendment procedures.)
(Added Coun. J. 12-16-20, p. 26066, § 12)