17-7-0450 Kinzie Corridor Overlay District.
   17-7-0451 Purpose.
      17-7-0451-A The Kinzie Corridor Overlay district (KCO) regulations supplement the zoning regulations that apply under a property's base zoning district. The general purpose and intent of the KCO is to help:
         1.   facilitate and guide land use transitions from the area's former PMD zoning in some areas; and
         2.   accommodate and promote compatible mixes of office, industrial and commercial uses.
      17-7-0451-B When these overlay district regulations conflict with applicable base district or other regulations of this Zoning Ordinance, the regulations of the overlay district shall govern. When no overlay district regulations are specified, the base district regulations and all other applicable regulations of this Zoning Ordinance govern, unless otherwise more specifically regulated, including, without limitation, by a planned development.
   17-7-0452 Boundaries. The overlay district regulations of this Section 17-7-0450 apply to all property within an area generally bounded by West Hubbard Street on the north, North Halsted Street on the east, West Wayman Street and West Carroll Avenue on the south and North Ogden Avenue on the west.
   17-7-0453 Uses. Properties within the KCO are subject to the use regulations of the base zoning district.
   17-7-0454 Rezonings. Property in the KCO may not be rezoned to any zoning district classification other than POS (Parks and Open Space), T (Transportation), DS (Downtown Service), or DX (Downtown Mixed- Use), provided that this provision is not intended to prohibit approval of planned development (PD) zoning for projects that meet the mandatory or elective PD thresholds of Section 17-8-0500 or Section 17-8-0600, respectively.
   17-7-0455 Floor Area Bonuses in KCO.
      17-7-0455-A Applicability. The floor area bonus provisions of this Section 17-7-0455 apply to floor area bonuses in the KCO.
      17-7-0455-B Eligibility. Only DX-zoned properties are eligible to receive floor area bonuses under this Section 17-7-0455.
      17-7-0455-C Regulations. The downtown district floor area bonus provisions of Section 17-4-1000 apply to properties eligible for floor area bonuses in the KCO.
   17-7-0456 Supplemental Use Standards. In addition to the use standards listed in Section 17-5-0207 of this Zoning Ordinance, the following Supplemental Use standards also shall apply where specifically indicated.
      17-7-0456-A Office. The gross floor area limits for office uses in all M2 districts within the KCO do not apply when the development involves only reuse of an existing Character Building and the building's floor area is not being increased by more than 10 percent of the floor area that has been in existence for 50 years or more. For the purposes of this Section 17-7-0456-A, the following properties are classified as Character Buildings:
Building Address
Building Address Range
Building Address
Building Address Range
1. 1300 West Carroll Ave
1300 – 1344 West Carroll Ave
336 – 354 North Elizabeth St
2. 400 North May St
400 – 420 North May St
1132 – 1154 West Kinzie St
3. 406 North Aberdeen St
406 – 410 North Aberdeen St
4. 415 North Aberdeen St
413 – 423 North Aberdeen St
5. 1046 West Kinzie St
1046 – 1052 West Kinzie St
6. 413 North Carpenter St
413 – 423 North Carpenter St
7. 415 North Sangamon St
413 – 423 North Sangamon St
8. 901 West Kinzie St
901 – 925 West Kinzie St
9. 838 – 840 West Kinzie St
832 – 842 West Kinzie St
400 – 408 North Green St
      17-7-0456-B Incidental Commercial Use. Commercial uses which are clearly incidental and subordinate to office developments as described in Section 17-7-0456-A shall be permitted by-right in the KCO. Incidental commercial uses shall be allowed to collectively occupy no more than 25 percent of the gross floor area of the ground floor of the building. Incidental commercial uses are limited to the following use categories:
         1.   Building maintenance services
         2.   Business support services
         3.   Eating and drinking establishments
         4.   Financial services (bank, savings bank, savings and loan association, currency exchange, and credit union use types only)
         5.   Food and beverage retail sales (no liquor or live poultry sales)
         6.   Medical service
         7.   Personal service
         8.   Repair or laundry service, consumer
         9.   Retail sales, general
(Added Coun. J. 11-21-17, p. 62501, § 4; Amend Coun. J. 4-21-21, p. 29936, § 1)