17-7-0800  SD-2, Norwood Park Special Character Overlay District.
   17-7-0801 Description. The SD-2, Norwood Park Special Character Overlay District is intended to permit low- to moderate-density residential development that is compatible with the existing pattern of development within the core area of Norwood Park – commonly referred to as “Norwood Park Circle” – and adjacent streets.
   17-7-0802 Lot Area per Dwelling Unit. At least 5,750 square feet of lot area is required per dwelling unit.
   17-7-0803 Lot Frontage. Each lot must have lot frontage along a public street that is equal to the predominant lot frontage of the lots of record on the same side of the street between the two nearest intersecting streets or a minimum of 35 feet of lot frontage, whichever is greater. (See Sec. 17-17-0303 for rules governing the measurement of lot frontage.)
   17-7-0804 Floor Area Ratio. The floor area ratio may not exceed 0.50. (See Sec. 17-17-0305 for rules governing the measurement of floor area ratio.)
   17-7-0805 Front Yards. All front yards must face onto a public street.
   17-7-0806 Administrative Adjustments. In addition to the administrative adjustments authorized by Sec. 17-13-1000, the Zoning Administrator is authorized to approve an administrative adjustment allowing a reduction of up to 10% of the minimum lot frontage required within the SD-2 district.
   17-7-0807 Variations. In addition to the variations authorized by Sec. 17-13-1100, the Zoning Board of Appeals is authorized to grant variations from the minimum lot frontage standards of the SD-2 district.
(Added Coun. J. 5-26-04, p. 25275)