17-7-1200  Midway International Airport Height Overlay District.
   17-7-1201 Purpose. The Midway International Airport (for purposes of this section “Airport”) Height Overlay District is intended to preserve the public safety and general welfare by preventing the establishment of vertical obstructions within the airport's approach and departure zones, which may present a hazard to air navigation.
   17-7-1202 Boundaries. The Midway International Airport Height Overlay District consists of all those properties which lie within the Airport's approach and departure zones. For purposes of this section only, the approach and departure zones shall be centered on the extended runway centerline of each runway and shall extend a distance of 1,550 feet on either side of each extended runway centerline beginning at the Airport boundary and extending away from the Airport, parallel to the runway centerlines, a distance of 9,500 feet or to the city limits, whichever is reached first.
   17-7-1203 Height Limits.
      17-7-1203-A No building, structure, equipment or any portion thereof located on any lot within the Midway International Airport Height Overlay District shall exceed a height above grade of 30 feet or one foot vertically for every 50 feet horizontally measured from the nearest point on the Airport boundary to the object, whichever is greater.
      17-7-1203-B If the provisions of the Midway International Airport Height Overlay District conflict with provisions or regulations of the underlying zoning district, the more restrictive provision will control. The more restrictive provision is the one that imposes greater restrictions or more stringent controls on development.
(Added Coun. J. 12-14-11, p. 18120, § 2)
Editor's note – Coun. J. 3-9-05, p. 44391, deleted former § 17-7-1200.