10-40-120 Securing and removal of vessels.
   Whenever there shall be in the harbor any vessel, craft, or float insecurely fastened, adrift, sunken, or laid up, which may be required to be fastened, raised, removed or its location changed, for the benefit of other vessels navigating the river or to carry out the provisions of this Code, the harbor master shall notify the owner, master, or other person who may be in charge thereof, and he shall secure, raise, or remove such vessel, craft, or float without delay. But if the harbormaster should be unable to find the master, owner, or person in charge of such vessel, craft, or float as aforesaid, or if no person answering such description can be found by him, such notice shall not be required, and the commissioner of transportation may remove such vessel, and such vessel shall be held for all expenses and costs.
(Prior code § 38-16; Amend Coun. J. 12-11-91, p. 10832)