10-40-090 Control of vessels in harbor.
   The commissioner of transportation shall give such orders and directions relative to the location, change of place or station, manner of moving or use of the harbor of or by every vessel, craft, or float lying, moving or laid up in the harbor, as may be necessary to promote good order therein and the safety and equal convenience of such vessels, craft, or floats, and to so regulate the same that the current in the Chicago River shall not be unnecessarily impeded by said vessels, craft, or floats.
   He shall have power to remove any vessel, craft, or float lying at any dock, wharf, or pier, while receiving or discharging cargo or otherwise engaged, when necessary so to do to facilitate the movement of traffic in the harbor; to tie up any vessel so deeply loaded as to interrupt the traffic at the bridges or in the harbor until such a time as the vessel shall have been lightened or a rise of water in the harbor may enable it to proceed; and, to stop at any time or place vessels, craft, or floats which are passing through the harbor, so as to prevent a jam or blockade.
(Prior code § 38-13; Amend Coun. J. 12-11-91, p. 10832)