10-40-150 Tugs for vessels.
   All wind-driven vessels, craft, or floats navigating the harbor, for which the opening of any bridge may be necessary, shall, while approaching and passing such bridge, be towed by a power tug or self-propelled by a vessel's motor.
   Any other vessel, craft, or float navigating that portion of the harbor bound by the Outer Drive Bridge on the east, the Van Buren Street Bridge on the south,and the Kinzie Street Bridge on the north, all inclusive, shall have the assistance of a tug or tugs at all such times, and under such conditions as the Commissioner of Transportation shall by general order from time to time prescribe, and also in any specific instance where the harbormaster or assistant harbormaster shall specially so direct. It shall be unlawful for any such vessel, craft, or float to back through any bridge draw in the harbor without the assistance of a tug or tugs, unless the Commissioner of Transportation shall have given his consent thereto; the Commissioner of Transportation may give such consent whenever in his judgment it seems advisable.
   Any person owning or in charge, possession or control of any such vessel, craft, or float violating any of the provisions of this section, shall be fined $5,000.00 for each offense.
(Prior code § 38-19; Amend Coun. J. 12-11-91, p. 10832; Amend Coun. J. 11-24-20, p. 24619, Art. III, § 1)