4-232-080 Operating procedures.
   (a)   Every business establishment for which a valet parking license is issued shall, during the hours of service, display an 18-inch by 24-inch valet parking license sign issued by the department of business affairs and consumer protection. The valet parking license sign is to be attached to the existing loading zone pole during the hours of operation. The valet parking license sign shall only be displayed and the zone shall only be in effect during the hours that valet service is provided. A licensee's improper display of or failure to display the valet parking license sign, or use of such sign to restrict or exclude public parking at unauthorized times or locations, shall subject the operator to the penalties set forth in this article and other applicable provisions of this Code. Every licensee providing service must post the name of the operator and rate, if any, onto the valet parking license sign in four inch dark blue lettering. The commissioner of business affairs and consumer protection shall inspect such establishments to determine the name, and rates, if any, are accurately and properly posted, and shall suspend any valet parking operator's license as to any business establishment being served for so long as the licensee fails to post its rates and name as required herein.
   (b)   No valet parking operator shall park or suffer its agents to park patrons' vehicles upon the public way except under lawful conditions upon such main thoroughfares of the city as are designated as snow routes pursuant to Title 9 of this Code. In accordance with Section 9-100-150 of this Code, the fine for any parking or compliance violations incurred by a vehicle while in the custody of a valet parking operator shall be the sole responsibility of the valet parking operator and shall, upon the occurrence of a final determination of liability, constitute a debt due and owing to the city. The valet parking operator's failure to pay any such fine upon notice by the city shall subject the operator to the penalties set forth in this article and other applicable provisions of this Code. The commissioner of business affairs and consumer protection is authorized to seek restitution with respect to any fine paid by the patron of the valet parking operator.
   (c)   Every valet parking operator shall place or cause his agent to place on the dashboard of each patron vehicle a sign or placard of a size no smaller than eight and one-half inches by 11 inches in such a manner so as to be conspicuously visible through the windshield of the patron vehicle. The sign or placard shall contain the following information in red or black letters no less than one inch high: “This Vehicle Parked By (valet parking operator) For Customer Of (business establishment)”. In addition, each attendant of valet parking operator shall, while on duty, wear conspicuously placed on his clothing an insignia which identifies the valet parking operator for whom the attendant is working.
   (d)   All valet parking attendants must, upon taking custody of a patron's vehicle, issue a numbered receipt to each customer containing the name, address and telephone number of the company providing the valet service, a statement that the company has liability insurance as required by Section 4-232-070(b) of the Municipal Code of Chicago, the charge for the valet service, the time and date the valet parking operator took custody of the vehicle, and the license plate number of the vehicle. When a valet parking attendant returns custody of the vehicle to the owner, the attendant must time stamp the receipt with the time and date the valet parking operator surrendered custody of the vehicle, and return it to the patron.
   (e)   Every valet parking operator or attendant shall carry on his person a valid current driver's license at all times while in control of a patron's vehicle. In addition to the penalties otherwise provided for violation of this section, any person violating this subsection shall be subject to a fine of not less than $500.00 nor more than $1,000.00 for each offense. Any penalty for violation of this subsection shall be assessed against, and shall be the responsibility of, the holder of the valet parking operator license.
   (f)   No valet parking operator may use residential parking daily permits in the conduct of that operator's valet parking business.
   (g)   Within the Central Business District as defined in Section 9-4-010 of Chapter 9-4 of the Municipal Code of Chicago, a valet parking operator for a business establishment shall only operate at that establishment during the time the establishment location is physically open, except that it may operate: (i) 1/2 hour before such establishment location opens; and (ii) 1/2 hour after such establishment location closes or until all vehicles parked by the valet parking operator while the establishment was open are returned to their drivers, whichever occurs later.
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