Article I.  General Provisions
4-6-010   Regulated business license.
Article II.  Health Club
4-6-020   Health club licenses.
Article III.  Clothing Alteration
4-6-030   Clothing alteration.
Article IV.  Laundry Service
4-6-040   Laundry service.
Article V.  Residential Real Estate Developer
4-6-050   Residential real estate developer.
Article VI.  Tattooing, Body Piercing and Tanning Facility
4-6-060   Tattooing, body piercing and tanning facilities.
Article VII.  Day Labor Agency
4-6-070   Day labor agency.
Article VIII.  Adult Family Care Center
4-6-080   Adult family care center.
Article IX.  Assisted Living Establishment
4-6-090   Assisted living establishment.
Article X.  Long-Term Care Facility
4-6-100   Long-term care facility.
Article XI.  Adult Family Care Home
4-6-110   Adult family care home.
Article XII.  Automatic Amusement Operator
4-6-120   Automatic amusement operator.
Article XIII.  Private Scavenger
4-6-130   Private scavenger.
Article XIV.  Secondhand Dealer in Children's Clothing and Children's Products
4-6-140   Secondhand dealer exclusively in children's clothing and children's products.
Article XV.  Junk Peddler
4-6-150   Junk peddlers.
Article XVI.  Debt Collectors
4-6-160   Debt collectors.
Article XVII.  Hospital
4-6-170   Hospitals.
Article XVIII.  Hotel
4-6-180   Hotel.
Article XIX.  Board-Up Company
4-6-190   Board-up company.
Article XX.  Dry Cleaner.
4-6-200   Dry cleaner.
Article XXI.  Hazardous Materials
4-6-210   Hazardous materials.
Article XXII.  Single-Room Occupancy Building
4-6-220   Single-room occupancy building.
Article XXIII.  Booting of Motor Vehicles
4-6-230   Booting of motor vehicles.
Article XXIV.  Immigration Assistance
4-6-240   Immigration assistance.
Article XXV.  Expediter Company
4-6-250   Expediter company.
Article XXVI.  Expediter/Natural Person
4-6-260   Expediter/natural person.
Article XXVII.  Home Occupations
4-6-270   Home occupations.
Article XXVIII.  Home Repair
4-6-280   Home repair.
Article XXIX.  Bed-and-Breakfast Establishment
4-6-290   Bed-and-breakfast establishment.
Article XXX.  Vacation Rentals
4-6-300   Vacation rentals.
Article XXXI.  Pharmaceutical Representatives
4-6-310   Pharmaceutical representatives.
Article XXXII.  Massage Establishments and Massage Services
4-6-320   Massage establishments and massage services.
Article XXXIII.  Mobile Merchants
4-6-330   Mobile merchants.