4-108-340  Definitions.
   For purposes of this article, the following terms and abbreviations shall apply:
   “Facility” shall mean a filling station (as that term is defined in Section 4-108-010 of the Code) or motor vehicle repair shop (as that term is defined in Section 4-228-010 of the Code).
   “Operator” shall mean the owner, manager, agent or other person in charge, possession or control of a facility within the City of Chicago. Where the owner is different from the manager, agent or other person in charge, possession or control, then liability for a violation of this article shall be joint and several.
   “Overfill” or “spill” shall not include the residual spillage from a nozzle that commonly occurs when the nozzle is removed from a tank aperture upon the conclusion of filling operations, if such spillage is so minimal as to be measurable in individual droplets.
   “U.S.T.” shall mean an underground storage tank used in conjunction with the operation of a facility.
   “U.S.T. system” shall mean a U.S.T. and all associated equipment (e.g., fuel dispensing pump, hose and nozzle).
   “Vehicular use area” shall mean any part of the facility, except for any enclosed or partially enclosed structure, which is devoted to use by or for motor vehicles including parking areas (accessory or nonaccessory); storage areas for automobiles, trucks or other vehicles; loading areas; service areas and drives; and access drives and driveways.
(Added Coun. J. 6-4-03, p. 2243, § 1)