4-108-300  Gasoline transport vehicles.
   A.   No owner or operator of a gasoline transport vehicle shall allow said vehicle to be filled or emptied unless the vehicle:
      1.   Sustains a pressure change of not more than three inches of water in five minutes when pressurized to a gauge pressure of 18 inches of water and evacuated to a gauge pressure of six inches of water;
      2.   Is repaired by the owner or operator within fifteen days after failing to meet the pressure change standard;
      3.   Complies with all regulations issued by the commissioner and requirements of the Illinois Pollution Control Board for the transfer of gasoline from any delivery vessel into any stationary storage tank at a gasoline-dispensing facility.
   B.   All gasoline transport vehicles must undergo a pressure-vacuum test within one year after the effective date of this section, and each succeeding test is to be done within one year of the previous test. The owner of a gasoline transport vehicle shall test the vehicle annually for compliance with this article, using test methods of the commissioner.
   C.   During the loading or unloading of a gasoline transport vehicle, leakage from any component of the gasoline transport vehicle or the vapor collection and recovery system shall not be visible. No avoidable visible liquid leakage from such components is allowed. Components of the transport vehicle or vapor collection and recovery systems include all piping, seals, hoses, connections, pressure-vacuum seals, and other possible leak sources. All fittings and seals of such components are to be vaportight. All appropriate hoses and return lines are to be connected and in place prior to initiating unloading.
   D.   No owner or operator of a gasoline transport vehicle shall allow the vehicle to be loaded under a pressure exceeding 18 inches of water gauge, or to be unloaded under a vacuum exceeding six inches of water gauge.
   E.   No owner or operator of a gasoline transport vehicle shall allow the vehicle to be loaded or unloaded or in motion unless the dome covers on the vehicles are closed, except with vehicles that are hatch loaded.
   F.   The owner or operator of any gasoline transport vehicle shall maintain the following records:
      1.   Pressure-vacuum test and repair log, which shall include identification of the vehicle, the result of the test, the test and repair dates, and the nature of the repairs;
      2.   A copy of the most recent pressure- vacuum test, kept in the transport vehicle itself. Such records are to be maintained for a period of three years, and be available to the commissioner upon request.
(Added Coun. J. 9-11-91, p. 5522)