4-108-050  Location and frontage consents.
   No tank, container, pipe or other equipment for the storage and handling of flammable liquids shall be installed within 200 feet of the nearest boundary of any lot or plot of ground used for a school, hospital, church or theater.
   No person shall locate, construct or maintain any filling station in connection with which there is installed any tank for the storage of flammable liquids on any lot or plot of ground without first obtaining the written consents of the property owners representing the majority of the total frontage in feet of any lot or plot of ground lying wholly or in part within lines 150 feet distant from and parallel to the boundaries of the entire lot or plot of ground to be used for and with such filling station, driveways and enclosing fences, if any; provided, however, that for the purpose of this section only the frontage of any such lot or plot of ground or that part of the frontage of any part of such lot or plot of ground as comes within the 150-foot limit herein prescribed shall be considered; and provided further, that any and all petitions containing such consents of property owners shall be based on and contain the legal description of the property affected, and that, for the purposes of this section, whenever the lot or plot of ground in which such tank is to be installed is in any shape other than a rectangle, the 150-foot limiting line aforementioned shall not exceed in distance 150 feet from any point in the boundaries of such lot or plot of ground.
   These provisions shall not be applicable to the installation of a tank containing any of the oils referred to in Section 15-24-020 of this Code when such oils are to be used in connection with garages or manufacturing plants where such oils are incidental to the business conducted or oils used for fuel purposes, and when sold to customers of such garages or plants and dispensed from portable tanks or from pumps located inside of the premises not accessible directly from the street or from an open driveway.
   Except as otherwise permitted by Chapter 15-24 of this Code, storage of flammable liquids shall be outside of buildings.
(Added Coun. J. 12-9-92, p. 25465)