4-36-120 Duties.
   A licensee shall have the following duties:
   (A)   To maintain a list that includes information about all permits obtained by or on behalf of the licensee and all contractors or subcontractors performing work on any project permitted or requiring a permit, under this Code, including each contractor's or subcontractor's name and address, and license number, if applicable. If requested by the Commissioner, the licensee shall produce this list within 72 hours of the Commissioner's request.
   (B)   To maintain sufficient and proper personnel, financial ability and facility to coordinate, develop, provide management expertise and complete in its entirety any proposed work for which a permit has been issued or is required to be issued under this Code. If the Commissioner or the Commissioner of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection receives a complaint, or otherwise has reasonable cause to believe, that a licensee or any person requiring a license under this chapter is not financially solvent, the Commissioner and the Commissioner of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection are authorized to examine that person's financial books and records in order to determine whether the person's past and current financial solvency and expectations for financial solvency in the future give rise to a reasonable expectation that the person can successfully do business as a general contractor without jeopardizing the public health, safety or welfare, and can carry through to completion any project permitted or requiring a permit under this Code. Financial solvency is a continuing requirement for maintaining a license under this chapter. Any financial books and records submitted pursuant to this subsection, and all information contained therein, shall be deemed confidential, shall be used for purposes of enforcing this subsection only, and shall not be divulged to any person or agency, except to the United States Attorney, the Illinois Attorney General, the State's Attorney of Cook County, or to the extent required by law. Any person who uses or divulges confidential information in violation of the requirements of this subsection shall be subject to incarceration for a term not to exceed six months or a fine not to exceed $500.00 or both.
   (C)   To ensure compliance with the Chicago Construction Codes by its employees, agents, and subcontractors in the performance of a project.
   (D)   To comply with all reasonable requests made by any authorized City official necessary or appropriate to implement the requirements of this chapter.
   (E)   To cooperate fully with any authorized City official in any inquiry, inspection or investigation necessary or appropriate to implement the requirements of this chapter.
   (F)   To keep a copy of proof of insurance, as required under Section 4-36-090, at the following locations: (1) the licensee's principal office or place of business, as identified in the license application; and (2) each construction site within the City managed or controlled by the licensee. Upon request, proof of insurance shall be made available for inspection by any City inspector or other authorized City official.
   (G)   If the licensee is engaged at a specific job site in the business of home repair, as defined in Section 4-6-280(a), to comply with the requirements set forth in paragraphs (2) through (6), inclusive, of Section 4-6-280(d) and in paragraphs (1) through (4), inclusive, of Section 4-6-280(c).
   The duties set forth in subsections (A) through (G) shall apply to the licensee and to all controlling persons.
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