(A)   Size of lots.  Minimum lot sizes shall be the minimum for the applicable zoning district of Chatham or Sangamon County, except when a private sewage disposal system is necessary.  When a private sewage disposal system will be used for any length of time, lots shall be a minimum of 20,000 square feet.
   (B)   Lot arrangement.
      (1)   Side lot lines shall be at right angles to straight street lines or substantially radial to curved street lines.  However, for purposes of solar orientation, side lot lines need not be at right angles to straight street lines or radial to curved street lines provided that side lot lines run within 20 degrees east or west from due north to due south.  If side lot lines are being varied for solar orientation, layout and building setbacks shall also be oriented with their long axis running from east to west, with a possible variation of 20 degrees to the southwest or 20 degrees to the southeast.
      (2)   Each lot shall front upon a public street.
      (3)   Flag lots shall be permitted only if the Planning Commission determines that no public health and safety problems or additional costs or difficulties providing municipal services will result.
      (4)   Through lots shall be permitted only when access is prohibited to one street as described in § 155.092(J).
      (5)   All lots must contain sufficient buildable area.
      (6)   A minimum lot frontage requirement of 50 feet on all cul-de-sac and corner “elbow” lots will be applied at the property line.  The typical lot layouts for cul-de-sacs and corner elbows are shown in Appendix 8 and Appendix 9 respectively.
   (C)   Sizes of blocks.  Blocks shall not be less than 250 feet, nor more than 1,200 feet, in length measured along the greatest dimension of the enclosed block area.  In blocks over 800 feet in length, the Planning Commission may require one or more public crosswalks with a right-of-way of not less than ten feet in width to extend entirely across the block at locations deemed necessary at intervals not closer than 400 feet.
   (D)   Survey monuments.  All survey monuments shall be located and be made of the appropriate material as required by state law.
   (E)   Lot grading.
      (1)   Trees that cannot be saved, stumps, boulders, and similar items shall be removed.
      (2)   All grading in the subdivision shall be related to the topography of the surrounding area.  All street embankments shall be raised at least one and one-half feet above the high water elevation.
      (3)   All building lots shall be graded or have natural slopes that will properly allow surface drainage to flow away from the principal structures to be located on the lot.
      (4)   Grading in the subdivision shall provide alternate drainage ways for the purpose of carrying water away from homes and preventing damage during periods of heavy rainfall.
(Ord. 94-01, passed 1-25-94; Am. Ord. 05-05, passed 2-22-05; Am. Ord. 10-01, passed 1-12-10)