Chapter 8.12
Article I.
8.12.010   Definitions.
8.12.020   Defendants and responsible parties.
8.12.030   Public nuisances defined.
8.12.040   Public nuisances designated.
8.12.050   Parking in front or side yard.
8.12.060   Littering in public places prohibited.
8.12.070   Placement of litter in receptacles.
8.12.080   Depositing litter in gutters prohibited.
8.12.090   Throwing litter from vehicles prohibited.
8.12.100   Requirements for transportation of litter.
8.12.110   Littering in parks prohibited.
8.12.120   Littering on private property prohibited.
8.12.130   Private property owner to maintain.
8.12.135   Reserved
8.12.140   Public rights-of-way ­ owner of adjacent property to maintain.
8.12.150   Littering on vacant lots prohibited.
8.12.160   Unsightly premises prohibited.
8.12.170   Accumulation of litter on construction/demolition site prohibited.
8.12.180   Storing, parking or leaving on private property unlawful.
8.12.190   Disabled vehicles on public right-of-way unlawful.
8.12.200   Cesspools in city prohibited.
8.12.205   Smoking in and around hospital prohibited.
8.12.210   Failure to provide evidence of identity.
8.12.220   Remedies not exclusive.
8.12.230   Each day is a separate violation.
8.12.240   Alternative enforcement measures.
8.12.250   Violation ­ penalty.
8.12.260   Civil citation ­ authority to issue.
8.12.270   Habitual offender.
Article II. Abatement
8.12.280   Definitions.
8.12.290   Abatement.
8.12.300   Abatement procedure.
8.12.310   City abatement upon failure to abate by person with interest in property.
8.12.320   Satisfaction of assessment for abatement.
8.12.330   Assessments run with the land and due in equal payments with interest.
8.12.340   Abatement is additional remedy for violations.
8.12.350   Emergency abatement.
Article III. Appeals for notice to abate, emergency abatement action or assessment
8.12.360   Appeals of abatement actions.